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1 (800) 674-9312 | How to Add Recovery Email?

You can register an alternate email address and phone number to reset your password in your email account. We can send a unique code to this address or number if you have forgotten your password and also lost access to your contact email address.

How To Recover Email and Password?

To ensure that you can re-enter your email account if you cannot log in, add the recovery information.

How Does Recovery Information Help You?

A recovery phone number or email address will help you reset your password if:

  • Forgot your password.
  • Someone else is using your account.
  • You are blocked from your account for another reason.

Add or Change Recovery Email Address:

  • Go to your email address.
  • In the left navigation pane, click Personal Information.
  • In the "Contact Information" section, click "Email."
  • From here you can:
  • Add a recovery letter.
  • Change or delete the recovery email address: select “Change” next to the email address.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Which Email Address Should I Use?

Select an Email Address That:

  • You use regularly.
  • It is different from the one you use to sign in to your Google account.
How Is Recovery Information Used?

Recovery information helps you get back to your account and keep it secure.

Here Are Some Ways to Use Your Recovery Email Address:

  • To confirm your username after creating an email address.
  • To help you log in to your account if you have forgotten your password or cannot log in for another reason.
  • To inform you if you intend to run out of storage space.
  • To inform you if there is suspicious activity in your account.

Solve Problems!

I Can Not Enter
Go to the account recovery page and answer the questions as best as possible. These tips may help.

Use the Account Recovery Page If:

  • Forgot your password.
  • Someone changed their password.
  • Someone deleted your account.
  • You cannot log in for another reason.

Tip: To make sure you are trying to log in with the correct account, try to recover your username.

Unable to Change Recovery Information.

If something else happens when you log in, you may not be able to change your recovery information. You can try again:

  • From the device, you usually use to log in.
  • From the place where you usually go.
  • Next week from the device you are currently using.

Still can't get in? Contact Our Expert + 1 800-674-9312 Or visit our site https://www.gorecovermail.com/

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